Teach -me -about -the -cloud

So, teach me about the Cloud!

It's about peace of mind. It's about your data, and where it's stored.

At the moment, all your data is stored on your computer, all your business and personal stuff.  You lose your computer, you lose your data. Or if your computer breaks down, you'll need to get it fixed before you can access it again. Even then, you might not get all of it back.

That's not good. It's like not having any home insurance when you don't know what's around the corner.

Instead, with the Cloud, all your data is stored on big servers, far away, somewhere over the rainbow. You access it via the internet, but nothing is actually stored on your computer anymore.

So now, your computer is just a gateway to access everything you hold dear. In fact you can use any computer, or tablet, or phone, not just yours but anyone's, anywhere, simply by logging in with your username and password.

Everything is synced in real time, so others in your company will always be up to date.

Is my data safe?

Very good question. And yes, it is, very safe. We talk about the Cloud and the internet as though it's all light and fluffy. But all data must be stored somewhere, on big computers called servers, and the Cloud servers we use are 10 metres underground, in ex-military bunkers. And even if one of these goes wrong, your data is backed up on another one somewhere. You're really safe, honestly.

Is it difficult to make the switch?

No, it's really easy. We'll spend a day moving everything across, two at most. We can even do it remotely, so we don't have to come to your office. Wherever you are in the UK, we can get to you in milliseconds.

Go on then. How much?

Our price is very competitive to get you up in the Cloud. After that, you pay a monthly subscription, we charge this service monthly to avoid capex ownership, you basically lease all the services you require, things like email exchange, data backup, anti-virus software. We take care of everything, and take just a small cut as running costs.

So are you cheap or expensive?

Well, for what we do and the knowledge needed to do all this, that's excellent value for you. Excellent because it gives you peace of mind. It's like home insurance for your data.