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Apple support and maintenance

We can offer our clients up to 5% discount off pricing, direct from Apple.

Preventa have internally made the switch-over to Mac and our technicians have used virtualised technology to run both Windows and Mac OSX. This gives us the benefits of both operating systems when it comes to supporting our clients.

We are noticing a trend. Directors of companies want Apple Mac computers and are being told that their Windows software will not work - This is not the case. We have many Windows clients who are also using Macs, who have made the switch-over. We have Sage running on Macs, Iris and much more, please call and ask us. We can provide you with a System Audit to adise you where you can take your infrastructure.
We also provide an upgrade service to make your Macs even faster. The engineers at Preventa have convered a standard £999 mac and upgraded to 16Gb of ram and added 500Gb SSD (Solid State Hard Drive) for maximum performance.

Lately we have been upgrading 24" and 27" imacs by adding more Ram and also SSD's which make a phenominal difference to the performance to the already super efficient Mac operating system.

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We recommend Microsoft Exchange with the Mac to get the very best from sync technology for mail collaboration.

Book some time with an engineer to see if we can help you?

Don't throw away your old Mac, upgrading it will get you the new Mac you want and need.

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