Laptop Repairs

Here at Preventa we love our laptops, and we are sure you feel the same way about yours. It offers the chance to work, shop, play, research and lots more when we want! As you can imagine with the use they get they will take knocks and bumps along the way and sometimes these may cause them to break down or suffer damage.

Preventa can repair your laptop for you at our excellent workshop. When minor faults occur having your laptop repaired can be much cheaper than buying a new one, and also saving the hassle of having to transfer the data from the old one.

If you need your laptop repairing bring it in to our workshop and we will talk you through your options and try our best to help you out!

How It Works

The Laptop Repair service that Preventa offers is ideal if your laptop no longer has the manufacturers warranty.

  • Come and bring your laptop into our workshop and we'll give you a free diagnosis.
  • We'll fix your laptop in our workshop using our qualified engineers.
  • You'll pay a £49 one-off repair charge plus any parts needed to fix your laptop.
  • Our workshop will call you and inform you of any additional costs for additional parts needed.
  • We'll contact you when your laptop is ready for collection.
  • We give a 3 month guarantee on the repair which is valid from when you collect your laptop.

Terms & Conditions

Here are our terms and conditions for the laptop repair service so you know everything you are getting with our service:

  • We offer a repair for a wide range of laptops. Bring it in and we will happily assist you in the diagnosis of the repair.
  • We will make reasonable to repair you laptop, subject to the availabilty of the parts required.
  • You pay an upfront charge of £49 that covers the repair of the laptop excluding any parts required.
  • If we need parts our engineer will call you and let you know of the additional cost before any work is carried out, subject to your agreement.
  • If you decline, we will not carry out the repair. The upfront charge will not be refunded.
  • Our repair will be guaranteed for 3 months from the date you collect the laptop from us.