Remote outsourced IT Director

 ICT in businesses these days is possibly the most important part of the business away from the finances and Director input. Companies can usually choose three main routes in making their IT work for them.

  • Employ a full time IT Director / IT Team
  • Someone in the business dabble and to keep it working
  • Subcontract the work out to a third party vendor / support company

At Preventa we have a package called RemoteITdirector. It captures the very best from the above. 

Firstly we have qualified and trained engineers who are at your disposal just as if they were at your office. We pride ourselves on communication so getting hold of as dialling a number on your phone or sending us a support query email. We have had a product called Preventa running for many years which is a Proactive contract that keeps your systems running by monitoring the server and network to find faults as they happen. In most cases way we can identify faults and put them right before you know they have happened. This product is a fixed fee for monitoring / keeping systems up and running efficiently. RemoteITdirector has the benefit of Preventa but with a fixed fee every month, we will install new hardware, sit in board meetings, cost save your IT buying, find savings by using different applications, just like an IT Director we will become integral to your business to help your business grow.

Another benefit in using RemoteITdirector is low costs instead of using an employee, (cars, pensions, time off sick etc...)

Please send us an email to see if we can be a part of your business.