From Steve Evans Seven Star Photography

A Testimonial to Phil Base

I've now had an opportunity to witness at first hand, the service that Phil and his staff offer -and very impressive it is too.

A timeline of events.

Saturday 7 July

9.30. My laptop wouldn't fire up. Phoned Phi!.
11.00. Met Phil at his office
13.30 Selected data retrieved from the hard disk, to enable me to work for the next few days. In the afternoon. Phil identified a virtually identicallaptop to my damaged one.

Monday 9 July

9.00. A member of Phil's staff contacted the supplier of the identified replacement.

Tuesday 10 July AM.

Replacement laptop arrived at Phils office. 2.00pm. Selected parts of myoid laptop which were a higher specification than in the replacement were removed, myoid hard disk installed and the new laptop was ready to use.

What could have been a semi catastrophe resolved within 72 hours and that would probably have been at least 24 hours less had it not been over the weekend and the 3rd party supplier not contactable.

What more can you say? A brilliant service and I can totally recommend Preventa.

Steve Evans
Seven Star Photography

From Geoff Beaumont at Integrious Web Design

Integrious recently took delivery of a new PC from Preventa for use as a development workstation. As well as needing a generally high powered machine we had very specific requirements which meant that an off the shelf solution was not suitable.

Phil at Preventa drew up a specification which met our requirements for a very reasonable price, even calling at the last minute (after the buil.d was signed off) to say that they'd just had a deal come from a parts supplier which meant they could upgrade the monitor at no additional cost. Phil didn't need to do this -he'd already secured the sale -but as a result we have a far better monitor than I'd budgeted for. This is the sort of service you will never get from a big name box-shifter.

The PC was assembled, set up and tested in Preventa's workshop and, despite my having told Phil that this was not a rush job, delivered in only around a week (bearing in mind this was custom build, this is superb service). It is beautifully put together and I can honestly say it is far and away the fastest PC I've ever used.

I am very impressed with both the product and service which we have received from Preventa.

Yours Sincerely,

Geoff Beaumont


From Iain Johnson at Cre8tive Blinds 2012

Computer and web issues are common concerns within business and it's always good to have a trusted computer company to tackle the problems quickly and effectively. Phil and his team at Preventa are just that company, they are on hand to call and ask about issues at any time.

Cre8tive blinds have used most of Preventa services from using their remote support service's to using their Exchange email hosting and most importantly asking for advice on all things IT and hardware.

I would also like to thank Phil for his informative training on Mail Chimp in the week which was excellent; this is the best type of training where Phil took us step by step through the software and gave us the pointers on how to get the best from it. Can't wait for the next class, a bonus with the drinks and nibbles

I have no hesitation to recommend Phil and his team at Preventa for any computer or networking issues. Thanks Phil for a brilliant service. First class service.

Iain Johnson


From Simon Anderson

With the plethora of gadgets that we all seem to have nowadays, and the fact that they all gather our emails and bleep them out to us all day long, it was becoming a real chore to manage each device individually.

I didn't have a clue about an email exchange and it was only through my fellow BNI colleagues own testimonial on the same subject, Mr Chris Towler that I started to think seriously about it.

I approached Phil & he dealt with the situation straightaway. I met him at his offices armed with my laptop & iPad. I went away for a couple of hours & the job was done.

Now, I have the ability to manage my emails through one platform. When they're deleted from one device, they're deleted from all. This is a time-saving God send. I thank Phil and Preventa for their professionalism and patience in dealing with this and would heartily recommend to any business owner the total convenience of having this done and contacting Phil to take care of it.

Simon Anderson

Utility Warehouse Partner

From Iain Johnson at Cre8tive Blinds

I have recently moved my office area and needed a new PC. I currently have a number of PC's in the home and Phil had recommended updating my current ones instead of buying new. I did a trade with my lad, he had my lap top and I had his PC. Phil took both of them and gave them a new lease of life with more memory and a new operating system he also fitted a new graphics card to the PC to enhance screen usage.

Both PC's were ready to pick up in a few days and now work super fast without any hassles. He also installed ESET a great antivirus package which is a lot cheaper than the one I was using. There was also great back up from his Remote guy Andy who sorted all install issues.

I would like to say a big thank you to Phil and his team who sorted out my computer problem quickly without any fuss and saved me money on not buying new.

I have no hesitation to recommend Phil and his team at Preventa for any computer or networking issues. Thanks Phil for a brilliant service at the right price. First class service.

Many thanks

lain & Ellie Johnson

From Matthew Barrett at The John Hughes Law Practice

'New Box-of-Tricks'

Just a brief note to say thanks for the work you did on Saturday. It probably looked like a simple job from your point of view, but Jan and I had been pulling our hair out trying to get the internet connection to work and we just could not see what we were doing wrong. It's 100% now.

Also, congrats on some nice negotiation work with PC World. I would have just paid the price on the box (Assuming I knew what the box was in the first place!) and been resigned to the cost. So please send your invoice through to the Practice so we can get that paid ASAP.

Once again, many thanks for the great service and the positive result.

Yours Sincerely,

Matthew Barrett


The John Hughes Law Practice Website

From Graeme Thurman at Advek

I would like to thank you for all the work you have done for me over the last couple of months.

My company now has a fantastic I.T. set up, which all of my staff are enjoying using and the simplicity of everything has made our lives so much easier. This is also a testament of your onsite training you have have to us all.

Not only have you done a fantastic job for me at the office, you have also been very helpful at home where you have once again demonstrated your amazing knowlegde of all computer issues.

I will definately be recommending your company to my friends, family and business associates. Thanks once again Phil for all your help and advice and I look forward to a long lasting relationship between our companies.


Graeme Thurman

From Marie McCreedy at Star Quality Training

My concern about ensuring safety of my data led me to initially ask Phil for advice. This resulted in several visits to secure my information and subsequently to set up a new laptop which works like a dream.

Phil provided help and support throughout, often suggesting ideas which would be beneficial to the way I work and handle data. He spent time explaining so that I was aware and understood each step of the process.

A great result! enabling me to confidentially operate and store data.

I shall certainly recommend Preventa to anyone who needs their I.T sorting as his attention to detail and ongoing support is exceptional.

Marie McCreedy
Personal Development Trainer / Life Coach

From Richard Clifford at RIC Plumbing & Heating

As we are a plumbing and heating company, IT is all very complicated to us. Our office equipment was causing us more of a headache than anything the recession had thrown at us, printers not printing and wireless connections not working etc, so we called Phil in for the morning and he soon resolved all of our problems and also set up things we never new existed.

The way he explained how things work and how to use shortcuts was very easy to follow and I would recommend anybody with similar problems should give Phil a call.

Phil also set up all of our laptops at home to work wirelessly, something we'd struggled to achieve, so we also have two very happy kids as well..

Richard Clifford

From Anthony Williams at Williams Ross Consultants

Williams Ross Consultants Limited are a social care consultancy agency serving the full spectrum of agencies (public/private/voluntary) working with children and families, including the Family/County Courts and central government agencies such as the Welsh Assembly Government. A significant proportion of our work is computer based and therefore a secure IT infrastructure with multiple access points/networking and server backup is essential.

Core Service Delivery

There is a historical long term relationship with Preventa who have over the years provided services and IT solutions tailored and commensurate to the growing demands of our company. This has included an increasingly sophisticated wired and Wi-Fi network and the setting up of a server that not only enhanced office based productivity but also off-site access to the server when consultants are on the road or working off-site.

Preventa have always been sensitive to achieving the best solutions and options within the context of realistic budget limitations - the emphasis being on quality options that best fit the organisation at a given point - with a mind to adding to or upgrading facilities for the future. The emphasis has always been 'options' which have given confidence to us having informed choices on what we need and can afford.


As such we have felt confident, and indeed our experience has been, that our incremental sophistication in our IT infrastructure has been fit for purpose and within our budget set aside for this essential aspect to our working environment. We review enhancements with the security of knowing that we will not be sold services we do not need.

On the rare occasions where there have been network difficulties (non to date Preventa installation work related) or server problems Preventa have always been responsive to calls for help and assistance, with a near 100% immediate solution by telephone advice or by their remote access facility to our server. Even with often competing customer demands, Preventa have found time and both the cause and solution to problems, often working overtime to ensure that our business remains productive. It must be emphasised however that as such the quality of their initial work, there are few occasions that require Preventa to offer support. When they do it is effective, friendly and cost/solution focused.


Our already established relationship with Preventa is well on course to become much longer term as our business needs vary and grow. We emphasise in particular the can-do solution focused business/cost sensitive nature of Preventa and the responsive support services delivered with care and friendliness - a real and reliable service provider that is highly competent.

We warmly commend them and wish them well in their company developments.

If you find a good service provider, hold on to them - without Preventa we would not welcome the prospect of finding another provider that equals the quality of services they not only offer, but importantly, deliver upon.

Anthony Williams
Company Director & Principal Consultant
Williams Ross Consultants Limited