From Chris Towler at Phoenix Electrical

We are an electrical contracting company and would like to say a big a thank you to Phil and his team in bringing our company into the 21It century by upgrading our office software to Hosted Exchange so that we can now share and view each member of staff's calendars and having access to email on all our hand held devices which sync to their desktops, laptops etc...

Phil's team also provided us with a fantastic piece of software which enables us to have a constant live back-up ofall our tiles and also gives us the ability to access all our files from any computer in the world.

All this came from Phil coming into our office and listening to our needs and what we wanted, once again we would like to say a big thank you to Phil Base and his team.

Chris Towler - Contracts Manager, Phoenix Electrical

From Kipp Jones at Wild Ilk Limited

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Phil Base from Preventa I.T. for his dillegence and supports over the past couple of days.

At Wild Ilk we have experienced problems with our companies web domain and in turn our email set up. These problems were brought to my attention by Phil after an email i sent to him didn't arrive. He quickly diagnosed the problem without my asking and recommended a course of action to fix it. Phil called again the next day with more advice and as a result the problem is now being resolved.

At Wild Ilk we will be moving our I.T. services to Preventa in the near future and look forward to closely working with Phil and his team. I will also be personally recommending his services to our clients.

Kipp Jones - Wild Ilk Limited

From Phil Sharp at Battus Associates Limited

Preventa have been taking care of our IT arrangements for about two years now and we have always received prompt, skilled and above all friendly support from them whenever we needed. They have not only taken care of our IT systems but also provided us with very good and cost effective advice when we have made new investments in IT hardware. We certainly would recommend them.

Phil Sharp
Battus Associates Limited

Phil Sharp - Director, Battus Associates

From Lynda Sewell at Skyview Roofs

Just a quick note to say thank you for all your help with our factory move, and your continued IT support. You've done an A1 job of the new network install and saved us quite a bit of hassle and money by volunteering to learn how to manage the software for our computerised telephone network.

I have worked with many IT companies over the years and would always choose Preventa without hesitation. There isn't a problem we've come across that you can't resolve, and you always manage to get to us quickly when we have an IT issue. Speaking from years of experience, I would be very hesitant to let anyone else near our systems as I have total trust in Preventa's support and ongoing assessments of our system needs.

As our business has expanded over the last two years Preventa has held our hand and given us the expertise needed to keep expanding our network in the most cost effective manner. Thanks again for providing us with a friendly, supportive and expert service. I am sure we will be working together for many years to come.

Skyview Roofs Website

Lynda - Director, Skyview Roofs

From Harry Cottam at Cottams Solicitors

I wish to give a testimonial to Phil Base and his co-director Simon Bateman. Having had a less than satisfactory service from my computer consultants I was extremely happy to find that both Phil and Simon would drop everything in order to assist us with difficulties experienced with our system and I am more than pleased with their general work done and conduct to date.

I would always recommend this company to any other business for use as a contracted computer consultant and would suggest their regular use.

H F Cottam

From Paul Burr at Corporate Media

After contacting Phil with regards to cleaning up a couple of PC's in the office he has improved our work rate and efficiency by sourcing faster internet connection and installing two routers rather than the standard modem supplied by your ISP.

Not only this we now have now self updating reliable antivirus software, so we can send & receive emails with confidence and computers which are virus free and working at a speed of which they should.

Unfortunately for Phil he has left his mobile number with me, so now he receives call from me at home sorting out my own laptop - thanks Phil.

I will be recommending Preventa to others, because if Phil doesn't know it - it's not worth knowing.

Paul Burr - Manager, Corporate Media